High Magik Academy

High Magik Academy


About Dave – your instructor!

Authentic Psychic & Medium. Motion Picture Director. Screenwriter and Novelist. Award Winning Photographer.

Began magik as a teenager. Then in late 20s psychic abilities began to appear. After 40 years, Dave has mastered the abilities and has begun teaching his style of magik.

Dave does what is called High Magik, the use of spirits in magik. Due to his talents as a medium, he is able to see and hear the spirits near him, and then communicate with the spirits.

He can read the energy signature of anyone near him and can determine which ones are actually gods, and which ones who might be trying to play like a god.

Testimonials from his past students:

So, I have to share my story. I did the high magick ritual with Dave. I have been so busy putting up hay I was not able to do the full ritual (as I should have). I used Lakshmi as my deity through an amazing experience with my daughter (I already shared this). I did the sigil but did not take the time to anoint my candle and burn it. I did however release it into manifestation. This was to obtain more financial income for our ranch corporation. If you are familiar with ranching, there is usually an annual payment from the sale of calves, and cows that did not breed. Well, here is the AMAZINGNESS!!! A day after the ritual we started getting calls to do some custom haying for some neighbors. INCOME...THIS REALLY WORKED!!! A neighbor that had asked us previous to the ritual to do his hay had a different neighbor start haying for him. This made me feel super betrayed and upset. So, I realized, here, that I should have done the anointing and added some protection in. (Great learning experience!) From this point I was directing my frustration and anger to the neighbors that had taken the job away from us as well as the neighbor that gave it away. This direction resulted in the neighbors swather (giant field mower) to break down and not able to get parts for some time. Then, the neighbor that still had more hay to cut called me from the neighbor who took the jobs phone and asked us to come and finish cutting his fields for him. In the end, MORE INCOME, $8,000 and next time a completed ritual is worth, in this case, an additional $1500. Thank you for your AMAZING teachings!!!
Desiree Bertsch-Thielen
Wow, There are not enough words to describe the amazing talent Dave has and the ongoing help and support he gives. I have had several readings with Dave, all of which have spot on over the last 9 months or so. He also has been working with my son and through the creation of his servitor has completely changed my sons life for the better. For this alone, I would be eternally grateful, but Dave has gone on to help him develop his magik which for many years he tried to ignore. Dave has also done rituals to help a very sick friend of mine and the difference in her is amazing. She was unaware of what he did for her and couldn't understand why she was suddenly feeling better and her symptoms easing. Dave is also helping me to improve my magik and constantly provides support with any questions or problems. This guy is the real deal, you cant go wrong with him working with you