High Magik Academy

High Magik Academy

David Thompson
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Magik of Lilith 2 - Four Aspects Pathworking

Goddess and Daemoness, two aspects of each, not previously covered in my best selling Lilith: Goddess of Darkness and Light.
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Three Compelling Reasons to Enroll:

Deepen Your Understanding of Shadow Work

Unearth suppressed emotions and confront inner demons through the lens of Lilith. Her shadowy dominion lends the courage and clarity you need to perform effective shadow work.


Resolve Family Issues with Goddess Wisdom

Tap into Lilith as the Dark Mother to explore complex family dynamics and find reconciliation. Heal family wounds by implementing Lilith’s nurturing yet fierce energies.


Strategize Business with Daemoness Insights

Harness Lilith’s attributes of cunning and adaptability to solve pressing business challenges. Amplify your business intuition, close key deals, and unlock new revenue streams.

Live event? What if I can't make the Live?
After the live lecture, I will break apart the long video into smaller videos, lessons, and they'll be here as a reply.
What's the advantage of the Live versus Replay?
The ability to ask questions after the Live lecture itself, or later in the special Facebook Group!

The live part of this class will be a lengthy lecture via ZOOM.

Attending the live event, you can ask questions and voice any concerns, with direct answers from me. 

After the event, this course will stay active as a replay class.